Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

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Last updated Aug 7, 2023

There are many coffee and chocolate tours you can choose from throughout different regions of Costa Rica, but Eden Chocolate Tour was recommended to us by our host, and it was one of the most amazing tours we’ve ever been to. And all the credit goes to our tour guide, Cesar. He made this tour a hit.

The one of the must-do things in Costa Rica, is to go on a Coffee and Chocolate Tour. It is a perfect way to learn about the history, growing, harvesting, and production of coffee and chocolate while at the same time enjoying the flavors of the same.

History of Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee has been growing in Costa Rica since the 1770s. Costa Rica was the first country in Central America that started growing coffee and exporting it to other countries in the region and eventually to Chile. In Chile, coffee was re-bagged and rebranded and shipped to England as ‘Café Chileano de Valparaíso’. By the 19th century, it became a major source of revenue surpassing cacao, tobacco, and sugar production.

Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna
Coffee Beans | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

Cacao, the food of Gods, has been in Central America for centuries and cacao bean has been used as currency up until the end of the 19th century.  Unfortunately, in 1980 cacao monilia, a fungus, ravaged the cacao plantations in Costa Rica and set production back significantly. With a lot of help from agricultural institutions species and techniques, we strengthened to redevelop the cacao plantation and the new boom of organic crops has started.

Both coffee and cacao are significant Costa Rican resources and complement each other so well.

Eden Chocolate and Coffee Tour

Costa Rica Coffee Tour
Eden | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

The tour begins by walking through the cacao fields. It was a group of 9 on our tour and it didn’t seem like too big of a group. Everyone was able to participate in all the activities.

Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna
Cacao Plants | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

Cesar, our most enthusiastic guide, spent a lot of time talking about different cacao plants and the struggles of growing and harvesting both cacao and coffee. The entire process is manual and mostly done by Nicaraguan immigrants. The harvest season for both is November through April depending on the region and the weather.

During the walk through the field, you may see some sloths, leaf-cutter ants, toucans, and other wildlife in Costa Rica.

Making Coffee and Chocolate

After a short walk, we arrived at a covered area set up for interactive coffee and chocolate making. The first order of business was to manually grind the coffee. It’s a little harder than it looks but with Ceasar’s encouragement chants everything goes smoother.

Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna
Grinding Coffee | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

The coffee is then made in the traditional Costa Rican way with chorreador de café. It is a simple device that holds a sock-like piece of cloth, a coffee filter, over the cup. You put as much ground coffee as you’d like and pour hot water over it. It slowly drips into the coffee cup or pot underneath. Pretty simple, coffee-making device that makes very delicious coffee.

Coffee Tour Costa Rica
Making Coffee | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

Once energized by the strong but tasty cup of brew it’s time to make chocolate bonbons. At the beginning of the tour, we opened one of the cacao plants and tried fresh cacao fruit. I am not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what it tasted like. It didn’t taste bad, just different. The cacao beans are fermented and then dried in a covered tent that can get up to 50 degrees Celsius. You can’t stay in there for longer than couple of minutes.

First, we were all given a sample of 70% cacao chocolate to taste. I would never consider myself one that would enjoy that, I like my chocolate milky and sweet but boy was I wrong. This chocolate was silky smooth and delicious!

Then we were given an opportunity to taste it with different flavors: peanuts, red pepper flakes, Himalayan salt, coffee beans, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric and coconut. Everyone liked different combinations. Apparently, the combination of black pepper and cinnamon is the most popular, but for me, there is no better pairing than coconut and chocolate.

Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna
Chocolate Bonbons | Eden Chocolate Tour: A Delicious Coffee and Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

Everyone gets an opportunity to make 4 bonbons with whatever pairing they like, which are stored in the freezer until the end of the tour.

The last part of the tour is making Xocolatl – Aztec hot chocolate. The process was fun, as Cesar kept singing, dancing and entertaining everyone but the taste of Xocolatl was the least favorite part of the tour for me. The grinding of the cacao is done manually, and it leaves pretty big chunks in the hot chocolate.

We have done many different educational tours all over the world, but Cesar is what made this tour so fun and memorable. Yes, the coffee and chocolate were delicious, and it is good to see how it is all made but his enthusiasm and personality brought this tour to the next level.

Eden Chocolate Tour Details

Eden Chocolate Tour does not have a website, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram, so we booked the tour through TripAdvisor.


At the time of our booking through TripAdvisor, we paid $32.40 per person. There are discounts for kids 12 and younger.

Tour Times and Duration

Eden Chocolate Tour offers daily tours at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. The duration on the reservation was for 1 hr and 45 minutes but our tour lasted over 2 hours. All in good fun!


A guide, all the tastings and hands on experience, coffee sample to take with you and chocolate bonbons you made.

Transportation is not included.

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