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We are Kris and Dana, and have made our life’s mission to explore as many places as possible and taste as many different wines as this world offers. We live in Florida and have full time jobs, which makes our travel usually limited to about 2 weeks, but we always push it by adding in holidays and weekends to stretch our time off as long as possible. With that limitation, we have perfected a way to balance all our interests in the destinations we visit.

The destinations that we choose are often arbitrary. We sometimes each choose couple of countries and write on a piece of paper and draw the destination out of the hat, or we find a wine region that we would like to learn more about and go for it. Once our destination is decided upon, we spend a lot of time planning our trip. Every trip pretty much includes outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, hang gliding, etc.), visiting wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums and tasting different specialties from the region. I usually spend most of my time figuring out all different activities that are available, we narrow it down together to things that we can fit into our vacation window and then Kris figures out all the logistics of how to get us from place to place.

We like to be independent, on our own schedule and explore things at our own pace. Don’t get us wrong, sometime it is more convenient and economical to hop on a tour and we do that too if it will save us time, but if we can manage to do it ourselves we usually do.

If you are looking for someone with an honest/independent/unfiltered opinion to help you plan your next trip, suggest vacation spots and adventures or just looking for an inspiration and travel tips, you’ve come to the right place. If you can’t travel but would like to explore the world through good food, delicious wine and great pictures you have also come to the right place.

To work with us or just chat with us you can send us an email, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for visiting!


Kris and Dana

P.S. To learn more about us check out the podcast interview we did with our friends at A Sideways Life.