4 Wonderful Days in Nice

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Last updated Jul 24, 2023

Nice was our well-deserved relaxation spot after a 10 Day Tour du Mont Blanc hike through France, Italy, and Switzerland. After refuges (mountain huts), long hiking days, and soaking wet days, we were looking for a place to relax, enjoy the food and culture and not really be on schedule. Nice fit the bill and we spent 4 wonderful days in Nice.

Nice is a very peaceful place to visit where you can spend an entire day hanging out by the seaside or strolling through the Vieux Nice (Old Nice). In this post, we make suggestions on how to spend 4 Wonderful Days in Nice. Also, suggestions on day trips from Nice that include wine country and kayaking in Verdon Gorge.

Its mild climate, clean air, and soft light have attracted international painters, writers, poets, and local and international upper class since the 18th century. And because of its proximity to Italy, the influence is visible in buildings and the food.

4 Wonderful Days in Nice
Sun Fountain, Nice | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice


Initially founded by Greeks and quickly became one of the busiest trading ports with its location. In the 7th century, Nice joined the Genoese League and has been in some form part of Italy’s history until about the 13th century.

For most of the 13th and 14th centuries, it was ruled by the Counts of Provence until it placed itself under the protection of the Count of Savoy in 1388. The ownership turmoil continued until 1860 when it officially became French Territory.

Its Provençal and Italian influences are noticeable to this day. It can be seen in the buildings, churches, old town, and its cuisine.

Day 1 – Arrive in Nice

Arrive in Nice mid-day and check into your accommodations.

Spend the afternoon exploring the city. Make your way to Promenade des Anglais and join the masses on a beautiful walk by the water. Walking east towards Port Lympia, you will come across Castle Hill. Climb the stairs or take an elevator up for a beautiful view of Nice, especially during sunset.

4 Wonderful Days in Nice
View from Capital Hill | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice

Finish the evening with dinner at Daki-Daïa, a Mediterranean-style, family-owned restaurant with a frequently updated menu and wine list, by the port. (UPDATE: Unfortunately, Temporarily Closed.)

Day 2 – Nice

Today you get to choose if you want to spend an entire day by the water, getting sun-kissed, or divide a day by taking a self-guided walking tour of Nice in the morning and relaxing by the water in the afternoon.

Stroll through the Old Town, stop for a snack at the market, enjoy some socca (local pancake made with chickpea flour), rent a bike, ride over to Port Lympia, and enjoy museums and art galleries. When you decide you want some rest, head to the beach and relax.

Chez Pipo
Nice Old Town | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice

You can either rent chairs and umbrellas at one of the restaurants or bring your towels/chairs/umbrellas. Strongly suggest getting swim shoes unless you are used to walking on the pebble beach. The beauty of hanging out at one of the restaurants is that you don’t have to bring anything with you. They provide food and drink service – it can be pricy, though.

Complete the day with traditional Bouillabaisse soup and other local dishes at Le Bistrot du Port.

Day 3 – Kayaking in Verdon Gorge

SUGGESTION: For the next couple of days, I strongly recommend renting a car. Even though there is decent public transportation, in this short period of time having a vehicle of your own is a lot more efficient.

We strongly recommend checking out Gorges du Verdon and specifically kayaking in the gorge. It is one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe and having an opportunity to kayak in it is an experience that you will not forget.

This is only about a 2.5-3 hour kayaking experience and well worth the time and money for any fitness level. You can rent the kayaks (€40 for a double for 2 hrs.) at Galetas Bridge and have the time of your life.

It is an easy drive from Nice and if you have extra time, you can explore the beautiful village Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Day 4 – Day Trips from Nice

One lovely thing about Nice (of many) is that it is strategically located in the French Riviera and only a few miles away from some of the other attractions in the French Riviera or Provence.

Today we recommend you pick a place and make a day of it. Because of their proximity to each other, you may be able to visit a couple of these places in one day. Once again, this is much more doable if you have a car of your own.

Some of the popular cities to visit:

  • Menton – being so close to the Italian border, when in Menton, you are not sure if you are in France or Italy.
  • Monaco – a small independent country where you can indulge with the rich and famous for a day.
  • Eze – a charming medieval village perched on the hilltop, overlooking the coastline.
  • Villefranche-sur-Mer – small coastal town just a 15-20 min. bus and/or train ride from Nice. Perfect for deep-sea diving and sailing.
4 Wonderful Days in Nice
Villefranche-sur-Mer | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice
  • Antibes- beautiful beaches!
  • Cannes – popular International Film Festival destination.
  • St. Tropez – made famous by its appearance in Holywood movies, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Côte d’Azur.

For those interested more in culture and wine, I would recommend the following places:

  • Aix-en-Provence – the cultural and charming city founded thousands of years ago, where you will mingle with locals more than tourists. We booked a cooking class in Aix, which included a historical overview of the city and shopping at the market with the chef before cooking.
4 Wonderful Days in Nice
Market in Aix-en-Provence | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice
  • Avignon – city of Popes and good wine.
  • Provencal Villages – Lourmarine, Roussillon, Gordes, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Casis, Goult, and many more.

4 Wonderful Days in Nice
Gordes, Provence Village | 4 Wonderful Days in Nice

How To Get Around

To get around Niece, walking, riding a bike, or utilizing the tramway are the best ways to get around.

When venturing out on day trips public transportation is available, trains and buses. However, since you will be limited on time renting a car may be a better option.

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