10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

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Last updated Feb 1, 2024

No one can blame you for wanting to enjoy summer weather yearlong. We live in Florida, and by June are usually tired of the summer heat and humidity. However, we still like to go on warm-weather winter getaways. Not so much because of the hot weather, but more that it provides for longer daylight for exploring or maybe it’s because the last winter vacation we spent in the cold weather was in Toronto with record low temperatures of -23˚C during the New Year celebration. Haven’t had it in us to face a real winter since.

In this post, we suggest 10 exciting warm-weather winter getaways all over the world. These places are wonderful to visit in the winter to escape the cold weather or just get away from the shorter days this time of year. They offer a combination of exciting adventures, city life, wine, and great food.

Madeira, Portugal

Portugal Itinerary
Madeira Islands, Portugal | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaway

Madeira is composed of four islands off the northwest coast of Africa.  Because of its eternal spring-like weather, Madeira is a yearlong destination. The island has dramatic natural scenery perfect for exploring different adventures, hiking trails, excellent fresh food, and Madeira wine. 

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations draw more crowds in December, and the capital Funchal is known for its large New Year’s fireworks show in the harbor. However, after the holidays, the weather is still perfect and the islands are less hectic.

This destination is where you can enjoy the seaside cliff views from the highest skywalk in Europe at Cabo Girão or hike above the clouds at Pico Ruivo. Check out our 7-Day Madeira Itinerary for more details on how to spend your time on this paradise island.

Madeira General Weather Information

Weather Oct-Mar
Min Temp: 50˚F
Max Temp: 65˚F
Rainfall: 2.5 in – 4.0 in
How to get here: Direct flight from Lisbon, Portugal
Daylight Hours: 10 – 12 hrs.

Azores, Portugal

Travel Azores Portugal

The Azores is another autonomous region of Portugal, composed of nine volcanic islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and home to the blue and green lake at Sete Cidades. There is a plethora of things to do here, from hiking the volcanic landscape, bathing in natural geothermal hot springs, island hopping, whale watching, scuba diving or just relaxing while listening to Fado music. A must-try is a traditional stew loaded with different meats and vegetables cooked underground in the volcano-heated steam chamber.

Azores General Weather Information

Weather Oct-April
Min Temp: 53˚F
Max Temp: 71˚F
Rainfall: 3.9 in – 5.2 in
How to get here: Direct flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada
Daylight Hours: 10 – 12 hrs.

South Africa

Small Wineries in South Africa
Stellenbosch Winelands | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

Average temperatures in the mid-70s from December to February bring tourists and locals alike to enjoy South Africa’s outdoor beauty. Whether you are an adventurous or leisurely traveler, there is something for everyone to do. South Africa is a great destination whether you want to go swimming with sharks, paraglide over the capital city, taste the delicious wines, or just watch the penguins, South Africa has you covered. The weather is unpredictable depending on the region you are visiting, and a good rule of thumb is to pack layers.

We visited South Africa in April and had amazing weather, perfect for hiking, water adventures, safari drives or wine tasting.

South Africa General Weather Information

Weather Dec – Feb
Min Temp: 53˚F
Max Temp: 78˚F
Rainfall: 3.5 in – 5.0 in
How to get here: Direct flight from Atlanta and JFK to Johannesburg or Newark to Cape Town
Daylight Hours: 12 – 14 hrs.


Travel Bariloche Argentina
Bariloche | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

Unless you are going to Patagonia, the weather in Argentina between December and March will be warm, and depending on how far inland you are it goes from humid to desert dry. If venturing down to Patagonia, which we definitely think you should, the weather is unpredictable.  It can be windy, chilly, rainy and hot all on the same day.

When we visited Argentina in December and January, Buenos Aires and Mendoza were in the high 80s – mid-90s and unbearably hot at times, but Southern Patagonia was in the mid-60s with ever-changing conditions, and northern Patagonia was just perfect in the high 70s – low 80s.

Argentina is huge and it is impossible to see everything by visiting only once, you can check out some places to visit from our trip here.

Argentina General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March (Buenos Aires)
Min Temp: 65˚F
Max Temp: 83˚F
Rainfall: 3.5 in – 4.0 in
How to get here: Direct flights from Miami, Orlando, and Houston to Buenos Aires
Daylight Hours: 12 – 14 hrs.


Travel Chile
Santiago | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

Chile was our first gateway to the South American continent, and it stole our hearts. People are friendly, the food is amazing, and wine is plentiful, cheap and excellent, what’s not to like?

Chile has natural borders with the rest of the world. The world’s driest desert in the north, Patagonia in the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes mountains to the east. Chile, being in the southern hemisphere, enjoys its summers from December to February. During summer it can get really hot in Santiago, but you can escape the heat by going to the coastal cities like Valparaiso, one of the most interesting cities we have ever visited, or down to the lake district or even Patagonia.

Just like from the Argentine side, Patagonia on the Chilean side is best to visit during the summer months. You can check out our post Thirteen Days in Chile for more info on things to do in this country or Patagonia Itinerary for different things to do in Patagonia.

Chile General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March (Santiago)
Min Temp: 73˚F
Max Temp: 92˚F
Rainfall: 0.0 in – 1.0 in
How to get here: Direct flights from Miami, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth to Santiago
Daylight Hours: 12 – 14 hrs.


Day Trip from Cusco
Rainbow Mountain | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

Home to a section of the Amazon rainforest, Machu Pichu, the deepest canyon in the world Colca Canyon, and Lima, the capital on the coast with springtime weather yearlong, Peru is a great destination to visit.  As you can imagine there is a lot to do here including hiking, surfing, swimming with sea turtles, learning about history and culture or simply enjoying wonderful food with some pisco. Peruvian food is world-renowned, and even in Chile and Argentina, you can find places that specialize in Peruvian food.

Peru General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March (Lima)
Min Temp: 64˚F
Max Temp: 82˚F
Rainfall: Usually no rain
How to get here: Direct flights from Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, LA, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and New York to Lima
Daylight Hours: 11 – 13 hrs.


Travel Brazil
Iguazu Falls | 10 Exciting Warm-Weather Winter Getaways

Just like the other South American countries mentioned here, Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere and the summer is from December to March. Most visitors flock in for the New Year’s celebration or the Carnival (between February and mid-March), which makes the most economical time to visit between September and October, the spring months. Or March after the Carnival which is the end of summer, and the beginning of fall.

With Brazil being as large as it is the weather changes significantly depending on the region you are visiting, a running theme here. There is a joke that Brazilians like to tell:  “God, you’ve given everything to Brazil,” the archangel said. “It has the longest beaches, the largest river, the biggest forest, and the best soil. The weather’s always warm and sunny, with no floods, hurricanes, or natural disasters at all. Don’t you think that’s a little unfair?” “Ah,” God replied, “just wait until you see the people I’m putting there.”

Brazil General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March (Rio de Janeiro)
Min Temp: 74˚F
Max Temp: 87˚F
Rainfall: ~ 5.0 in
How to get here: Direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, Miami, Newark, JFK, Orlando, and Washington to Rio de Janeiro
Daylight Hours: 12 – 14 hrs.

Australia and New Zealand

Hike Blue Mountains

Between Australia and New Zealand, there is something for everyone to do yearlong, but perhaps the longest daylight and warmer temperatures during summer months offer more activities to enjoy. Maybe these two countries should not be lumped together since each offer so much to do, but how can you visit one and not at least make a pit stop at the other?

Both Australia and New Zealand are a mecca for outdoor adventures and beauty, whether you like to enjoy cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and endless beaches or spend your time exploring the mountains, lakes, and flush forests they have it all.

Australia & New Zealand General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March (Sydney, Auckland)
Min Temp: 60˚F
Max Temp: 82˚F
Rainfall: ~ 3.0 in
How to get here: Direct flights from LA and Houston to Sydney and Auckland
Daylight Hours: 12 – 14 hrs.


Travel Cambodia

Cambodia’s tourism is on the rise and understandably so, it is cheap, has perfect weather, and ancient temples along with beautiful beaches and islands. There is so much more to Cambodia than Angkor Wat, beautiful forests and waterfalls to hike to are all over the country. And don’t ride the elephants, instead visit them at Elephant Valley Project where you can walk with the herd.

Visiting Cambodia from the US requires a visa that you can apply for online or at the airport upon arrival. Even though Cambodia has its own currency they prefer if you pay in USD, however, expect to receive the change in Riel.

Cambodia General Weather Information

Weather Nov – Apr
Min Temp: 70˚F
Max Temp: 103˚F
Rainfall: up to 1.0 in
How to get here: There are no direct flights from the US, you will have to travel through one of the other Asian hubs
Daylight Hours: 11 – 13 hrs.

Galapágos Islands

Travel Galapagos Islands

Located roughly 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the best way to visit is to book a cruise and travel from island to island. Islands, volcanos, surfing, diving, birdwatching, giant tortoises, and many other kinds of wildlife make this destination a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.  January through May are the warmer but Galapagos Islands General Weather Information

Weather Dec-March
Min Temp: 65˚F
Max Temp: 85˚F
Rainfall: up to 4.0 in
How to get here: Direct flights from multiple hubs in the US to Quito or Guayaquil
Daylight Hours: ~12 hrs.

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